AKASO BM1M-802 IP Security Camera Review:Awesome camera

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I’ve been using this camera for awhile now and really like it. I wanted something basic that acted as an indoor security camera and this fit the bill nicely. Once you install the free app on your phone or computer you can completely control the camera functions including panning, tilting, and zooming.

Setup was fairly straight forward out of the box. it was easy to connect to my home WiFi. As soon as the camera was connected online it automatically downloaded and updated it’s firmware to the latest version. Once I was hooked up to my WiFi it worked great. You don’t have to do it that way, you can just connect wirelessly but there are a few more steps involved which are explained in the manual.

Once I had the app installed on my phone I was able to connect directly to the camera. The picture quality was OK (720p) and it was easy to control. My dogs loved the 2 way audio feature. I went upstairs and spoke to them through the built in speakers and they went bananas haha! You can also access the settings through your phone to adjust motion settings, schedule recordings, alerts, etc. Everything was very straight forward.

Being that I’m using this as an indoor security camera I set mine up to record onto a microSD card (not included–64GB max) only when it detects motion. You can record 24 hours/day but I didn’t really need that. By far my favorite feature is the night vision. It will switch to night vision automatically and the video clarity was amazing in a pitch black room–very impressive!

The only small issue I’ve had is with minor video jerkiness sometimes. It’s rated at 25 frames per second but every now and then it would freeze for like 2 seconds then jump to real time again. This wasn’t a huge deal but it’s noticeable. Perhaps if it was connected directly to a LAN connection it may be a little smoother rather than over WiFi. For the price I can honestly say I’m happy with it’s performance.


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