AKASO EK5000 1080P HD Action Camera Review:One great action camera for the price and with 2 batteries…

Thanks Dale V. write the review about AKASO EK5000 1080P HD Action Camera

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The AKASO 1080p 30FPS HD action camera is awesome and as good as the other action cameras in this cost range and this one comes with a few extras. The quality of this camera and accessories are top notch and work very well for people on a budget. I won’t say this is a GoPro killer because it doesn’t have 4k or does it? I did find 4k under the settings even tho nothing says it has it, but I didn’t test it, as most people can’t view 4k anyway and it gets reduced down to 1080p anyway, so why not just record in in 1080p to start with.

I have always wanted an action camera like this, but could never afford one until these lesser known brands came out. I have a chest belt that this will fit on that I have been using my cell phone to get pictures and video and that is no comparison to the video and pictures this camera can take in 1080p HD and has a 2 inch LCD viewing screen to view it on if needed. I love the 170-degree wide angle lens on this that gives you a little of that fisheye look. Something most others don’t have.

The video on this is great at 1080p at 30fps and the 720p at 60fps or 30fps look just as good with a clear picture across the whole frame. My drone flying and cruise look pretty good on this. The pictures this takes is just as good at 12MP. This also has the burst and time lapse features if needed as well.

The manual is in English, easy to read and follow and covers all aspects of using the camera, buttons, menus and even gives you combination picture examples of how to piece some of the mounts together and their possible uses. Great idea to include these. I had no idea how to use all these mounts and brackets that came with this.

I can’t believe it came with 2 batteries and came with these accessories and the waterproof case for the price of this. You have about every mount you could need unless you need something special or unique. It also comes with the mini USB cable to charge the batteries with. There is no external charge and the batteries are charged while inside the camera. That part is the downside of having 2 batteries as you can only charge one battery at a time.

This thing is waterproof up to 98 feet, not that I will be going nowhere near that depth, but it’s nice to know if you need it, and I should have no problems for where I go.

There is an upgraded app you can download and install on you cell phone or tablet called “iSmart DV” that you can connect to the camera via WIFI and be able to see what it sees and o be able to operate the camera remotely. This is pretty user-friendly and easy to use.

The only thing missing on this is the memory card and I am surprised they didn’t include that. Make sure you get at least a class 10 or better high-speed card, so it can keep up with the recording speed of this camera. The max it can use is a 32GB card, so don’t get anything bigger as it will not work in this camera.

I can’t say much more about this AKASO camera, except if you are wanting or needed a waterproof action camera, this one works very well and for the price is a great deal.


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