AKASO EK7000 4K Action Camera Review:Excellent Waterproof Sports Action Camera

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I bought this camera for my son for Christmas. He was interested in a Sports Action Camera, but didn’t want to
invest in a Go Pro. I decided to borrow his camera for a scuba trip to Cozumel to test it out. I was not paid for
this review, nor did I receive a discount. I have used a friends Go Pro 3+ before, so I have something to compare

Before we left on the trip, my son and I experimented with video and pictures. At first we couldn’t get video to
work. It would start recording then freeze as some have indicated in these reviews. I asked him what Class SD card
did he use. He had a class 4 SD card . That is *way* too slow for 4K or 1080p video. I popped one of my UHS-1 SDXC
cards in, and it recorded fine without issue. It is important to remember that depending on what your u are
recording, where pictures, or HD video, you use an appropriate speed rated card. Without going into a lecture on SD
card speeds, if your u plan to shoot pictures only, use a class 10 card. If you’re plan on HD video, use an UHS-1
or faster card. Your I can tell the class on the front of the SD card. A ‘C’ around a number (2,4,6,10) indicates
what class it is. A ‘U’ with a 1 or 3 indicates Ulta High Speed (UHS). You’ll want that for video recording.

I shot both video, pictures, and burst pictures on our 2 dives. I purchased a Tekcam dive housing that lets me use
Go Pro filters without modification. I purchased the Backscatter dual flip with macro lens. I attached a red dive
filter for salt water and the macro lens. The pictures attached were taken with this camera. Both the video and
pictures equal that of a friends older Go Pro. Is this better than a Go Pro, no, of course not. However, it is
equally as good. I can drop 2 of these in the abyss, and buy a third, and still not be out the money of Go Pro. For
the price, it is an amazing value.

I purchased spare batteries for this camera as well, to make sure each time we dove, I had a fresh battery. After a
:44 minute dive, taking pictures and 1080p video, I still had 50% battery remaining. We got some fantastic pictures
and video. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality. I was holding off purchasing a Go Pro until I saw the results
of this camera. It is as good as a Go Pro, so I will be purchasing an Akaso EK7000 for my own. My only con so far
is the Dive housing that came with it. It has a round lens, and does not take Go Pro attachements such as dive
filters. However, I can’t give 4 1/2 stars, and for the price, I gave it 5 stars.

Video Screenshot,Shot by Akaso EK7000

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