AKASO IP13M-903 960P IP Security Camera Review:First time getting a security camera, Get this one,Simple and easy

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Ok folks, this is my first time buying a security camera and was so clueless on what to get. So I just took a shot at this one and couldn’t be more happy with it. I see a lot of people have had some problems with certain things and maybe I can help. First thing download the 163Eye app on your phone once you do that follow setup instructions. Plugin cam and do the ether cord, not wifi for set of the cam to your network. Everything will connect itself and on your phone add cam. Input the info that is on the cam and after that go to settings and which it to wifi. Boom. That’s done. Takes like a few mins.

Now some of the things I’ve figured out. With the video playback. I decided not to put a SD card directly in the cam just for the simply fact if someone broke into my house and saw that cam andwanted to take it, the card would be in it and they can take it out and…well it’s pointless. So I just use my laptop and stream it to that using the cms software that was given. With that you can attach a hard drive, thumb drive, SD card etc and go to setting and have the files save to that instead of your computer. And when you want to playback video you hit the play symbol on top of the screen. A bunch of blank screens will appear and than you will right click your mouse, click open file, and pick which time and day you want to watch. And you can do that in each blank box. So 12 blank playback boxes, that’s 12 playback videos you can watch at one time. * So no need to download other players to watch your videos, just download the software that comes with the camera.

I am happy with it for not knowing much about this stuff. Is there something better, probably. But it’s easy to setup myself, no monthly fee, great picture quality, you can move it around.
I already ordered 2 more and will get them tomorrow. So might be more fun to see how it will work with them all linked together.

My only con to this is are the sensor on this thing and wish they had a way to decrease it for my big ass dog. Because he just makes it go off all the time, so now I just turn it off. But if you don’t have a pet and turn on the sensor on your mobile alerts, that’s money right there.

But overall really good camera for the price. If looking for first time get this one


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