AKASO IP1M-902 IP Security Camera Review:A good value for the money, great little camera.

Thanks Tony Grundon write the review about AKASO IP1M-902 IP Security Camera

Review content:

This camera has a lot of options and so far I’ve only used less than half. For starters it helps if you are willing to spend a little time troubleshooting to get it setup. BTW, the YouSee software is not some unknown foreign software – it has been used for years by security professionals for home monitoring and remote recording. I setup the camera on my wireless network after initially hooking to my router with a direct wired connection to make the setup easier.

Overall I almost give this camera a full 5 stars based on this-

Pros: Sharp image; good switching between day/night vision. Able to remotely move camera with screen swipes; decent sound quality, video recording and photos. Backup to HD card; two-way communication (you have to hold the mic down to speak). I did not contact tech support for any of my setup, but contact information is provided for those who are less technically inclined. Overall for what you pay you get a lot of tools.

Cons: Movement of camera via swipes is the opposite direction of the swipe (takes a little getting accustomed to), When switching from wired to wireless you have to completely close the app and reopen or it just crashes. English print instructions are very minimal so you need to have some confidence to figure out how to get the camera to do what you want. (Or contact tech support).

As I said before this camera and the YouSee app have a lot of options and I have only tested a few initially. This camera is replacing an older D-Link camera which had about the same price. It initially appears to be an upgrade in overall quality and options.


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