AKASO IP1M-903 IP Security Camera Review:Keep a watchful eye on your business or home

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I love this camera!! I have a lot of black décor in my home so I have been specifically been looking for a black camera so it truly looks hidden. This camera is easy to set up and gives me such a great peace of mind while being fun all at the same time. This is a wifi camera that supports a wired or wireless setup and I did choose to set up wireless. They include a QR code you can scan to your phone so you have mobile access to the camera all the time. (they also provide the address if you don’t have a QR app installed). The detailed instructions will run you through all the set up you need both from the app and from the included instruction book. Once you have everything set up as you like the next step is to turn everything on and start seeing what this can do. You will need an SD card up to 32 GIG that is not provided and the camera has built in speakers and microphone. The camera has a circle of lights around it for easy night or dim light recording up to 32 feet away and records in 1280 x 960 P with a 3.6mm F2.0 lens. The lens has a good angle range (355 degrees horizontal and 110 degree vertical rotation and a 90 degree viewing angle). What I find the best feature is this boasts two way communications so you have a better chance at catching your kids doing both good and bad things if they are home alone. Since you have control of when you look at the from your smartphone unless you turn on the microphones they have no clue you are watching which gives a better chance they are behaving while waiting for you to get home from work. This feature also comes in quite handy just to check your home or pets when you are away as well. While this is a security camera and does keep your home safe 24/7 the following is likely the best of all. In the month of February I spent the majority of it ill either in the hospital or home resting and getting better. We have a tradition of birthday parties at my aunts house and I missed two important birthdays, in February but if I would have had this camera I could have had them set it up and move the camera around the room remotely myself being an active participant in the party. Instead I had to use another laptop communication tool that was fair at best. This is an excellent camera I am super happy to own that I use each day.

My sister is a local small business owner and has no security in her office. She runs a medical learning center and distributes national accreditation tests and really doesn’t want to have to sit at her desk the entire time that students are testing. I got her this camera so that she can monitor what is going on in her classroom so that if she wants she can leave the room and take care of other business. This security camera could not have been any easier for us to install and get up and running for her. There are two options that you have when installing the actual camera piece. You can hard wire it into your router (ethernet cable not included) or you can connect wireless to your router using your network id and password. We installed the camera as wireless. The camera is white in color and includes a small antenna on the back similar to a router to ensure you are getting the perfect connection. The camera screws into a mounting base that is fully adjustable and can be hung wherever you like, or you can also sit it on a table or other flat hard surface. They include all the needed USB cables to keep the camera powered up and the hardware to mount. I think that was likely the hardest step was her picking a place to put it. There are very detailed instructions included on how to set everything up and I do recommend following those so you can install and have it up and operational quickly and without frustration. They include a website name or a QR code that you can scan it load the application to your smart phone. You will need your network id and password to complete the set up. After you have followed the step by step instructions then your camera is up and operational. My sister was so impressed by the clarity and detail she was able to see in the classroom. She had a full color view of her testing area and could see exactly what each student was doing. I sat in her classroom while she was watching the camera and tried to “cheat” on writing on a piece of paper by looking down at a slip on paper I put into my sleeve. She could easily see the movement of my eyes to know I was looking at something other than the items on the top of the desk. She is also able to monitor the camera on her tablet, PC or laptop computer. She was so thrilled with the camera and how easy it all was to set up. Instead of spending money on expensive surveillance camera services she can now do everything she needs to do with the touch of a button. It is simple, and easy to use constructed well with a wide range lens that can also light up if you need or want it to. This is perfect for the small business owner and a well deserved five star rating.


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