AKASO IP2M-904 1080P IP Security Camera Review:SURPRISINGLY GOOD!

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Package arrrive in perfect condition. The box has a plastic styrofoam that protects the unit. It comes with the unit, power adapter, 10ft extension cord, manual, ethernet cable, mounting bracket and screws.

I am an Advanced level technical person and it took me an hour to figure out how To aet up the device correctly. The manual is a little bit confusing at first glance and I must say it should’ve been simplified with more images to compenaate the instruction.

I never really use a QR code reader so I had to download one plus the actual Camera App itself so I can configure it.

The way I figured it out is I downloaded the “CAM158” in Appstore and then reboot the Wifi Camera. After that the camera will confirm it’s ready to connect. From there I opened the Cam158 app and hit the “add” option the. Click on Scan QR code and flip the camera over. There’s a QR code there that I need to capture.

Once I did that I click on One Key to add device and selected Camera then hit Next. I came up with an option to connect to my Wifi so I just typed in my password then click on Start Configuration. If it fails don’t hesitate to try again.

Then after connecting the camera to my Wifi it finally set me at ease because the video quality is remarkable. For only 2MP it shows 1080p display and it’s really impressive. I love the two-way audio and the position mapping that way I don’t have to swipe on my screen to move the camera’s position.

To conclude I still gave it 5 stars due to the fact that it delivers great video quality and it’s been running 24/7 since I got it a week ago. Akaso has a great reputation in providing very good quality product at a very attractive price. This was my 2nd purchase so I am already familiar with the quality of their products. I have the Akaso 4K Action Camera that I use on my regular Vlogging in Youtube.

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative that doesn’t compromise quality this is the product you’re looking for. They will even give you a 32Gb SD card as a gift.


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