AKASO WS13M-401 IP Security Camera System Review:This is great system with a better video resolutio

Thanks mike barker write the review about AKASO WS13M-401 IP Security Camera System

Review content:

This is my second security system. My first one did not meet my needs, so I return it. I wanted a system that had a better video and easy to use. This one is just what I need. I chose this system based on the lower market price and reviews.
I love the nice packaging without any broken parts. However, I thought the security system might be not so easy to operate, the truth is I got much worries. I start to operate as soon as I received the packaging.
About the app ip pro, I have to say its not the best but it can bascially meet my needs. I download it from Google Play and install it on my phone. Then open the App to start to add the Cloud ID and login in.
I am really pleased with this system because once it plug in and it can clear show the video, and the video image is exactly what I need. I am going to test more feature once its done then my review will update it.



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